Educator & Consultant

Gabriel Andres “Gabe” Hall (he/him, they/them) brings a decade of training and workshop facilitation to his work as a higher education professional.

He is invested in building anti-racist and liberation-oriented community spaces and exploring the intersections of gender, race, and nationhood in everyday practice and policy.

A waterfall cascading down rocks.
A riverbed comprised of massive slabs of stone, bordered on both sides by green trees.

His professional framework is intertwined with his personal experiences as a transmasculine Filipino-American person. He regards the process of navigating the boundaries of gender, nation, and identity as a transformative experience, and looks to support others in mapping their own such journeys.

Professional Experience

USD Center for Restorative Justice:
Campus Restorative Justice Across Student Affairs

Certificate of Completion, March 2021

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)
Qualified Administrator

Qualifying Seminar, September 2022

NAFSA: F-1 Student Advising for Beginners

Certificate of Completion, Spring 2018