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Gabe offers a range of services that can be adapted for all audiences.

Training & Workshops

Explore and understand more about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion topics, particularly those related to LGBTQ+ communities.

Speaking Engagements

Looking for a panelist, moderator, or guest speaker? Gabe brings energy and engagement to a wide range of audiences.


LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Listed are a small sampling of available workshops. No single training is perfectly alike to another, and Gabe can work with you to deliver content that is relevant and accessible to the audiences you are working with.

Pronouns 101

What are pronouns? Why do they matter? Pronouns 101 takes attendees on a journey through time and place to learn more about those little bits of language that have lots of impact. In addition to learning more about pronouns (primarily in an English-language context), participants can practice and put their new knowledge to use.

Creating Gender-Inclusive Communities

Creating Gender-inclusive Communities introduces participants to the fundamental building blocks of building spaces, teams, and workplaces that are inclusive of transgender and gender non-conforming (GNC) community members. Attendees have the opportunity to consider the ways that gendered assumptions impact others, and leave with resources to make inclusive change in their communities/workplaces.

Beyond Pronouns

Beyond Pronouns provides a deeper look at concepts related to gender and self-expression. Attendees reflect on the role of gender expectations in their own lives, and leave this session with actionable ways to interrupt gender-based bias in personal interactions and in multiple contexts.

Additional Topics & Trainings

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access (DEIA) in the Workplace

Undertaking a new career journey? Working with students who are looking to hone their professional skills? DEIA in the Workplace was originally developed as a module in a Career Development course, and outlines basic concepts of DEIA to be aware of in a professional environment. Learn more about the fundamentals of equity and inclusion and be empowered to make strategic and growth-oriented decisions in any career journey.

Storytelling for Social Change

In this workshop, participants learn about the ways that storytelling has catalyzed social change movements around the world. Attendees then have the opportunity to practice their storytelling and active listening skills in an activity inspired by the United Nations’ Story Circles framework.

Building Bridges through Dialogue

What sets dialogue apart from other modes of conversation like discussions or debates? In Building Bridges through Dialogue, participants learn about and practice different techniques to build shared understanding with others and create inclusive environments wherever they go.

E. Jacob
    E. Jacob

    Attendee, Creating a Gender-Inclusive Community

    [T]o be honest I am still very nervous… when I encounter people who are resistant and/or not gender- or LGBTQI2PSA affirming. The tips you mentioned on how to intervene, especially breathing, were very helpful because it does take me courage sometimes to speak out.

    Anonymous Staff
      Anonymous Staff

      Attendee, Cultivating the Local and Global

      They asked good questions, and gave practical and good ideas, and were inclusive in the type of experiences they presented.

      Undergraduate Student
        Undergraduate Student

        Attendee, DEIA in the Workplace

        His work seems so personal and intuitive, and it really made me aware of the variety of consulting work that exists!

        Anonymous Staff
          Anonymous Staff

          Attendee, Cultivating the Local and Global

          They did such an amazing job to cover a wide variety of aspects in terms of considering engaging international students in DEI work.